Overnight rolled oats with water

Often seek to find new recipes to try.


1. The preferred diet

2. New recipes that taste good.

When i eat out. I get asked ever so often. Why cannot take carbs? Why cannot take sugar?

Diabetes ah? Diet ah?

True that. It is a diet. Often dieting in Msia refers to losing weight. Any food regime and meal planning are a type of diet.

For me, it isn’t about losing weight. It is about eating for enjoyment and keeping myself alive. Undeniably, if i look slimmer and prettier in the process, i am happy.

One day a cousin recommends me to try overnight rolled oats with water. I’ve been making overnight rolled oats with my homemade raw almond milk recommended by various youtuber.


I kinda been having Organic rolled oats from Radiant for few months already. Never tried with plain water. The cost of plain water rolled oats definitely is going to be cheaper than almond milk. * I’m a sucker for cost saving options*

So i tried one day.

Verdict: No Like!

The oats still taste good. Chewing, nutty oats. But the water becomes slimy and tasteless. Eeeeee…..

I can’t eat it like this. It does not do justice to my god gave palate.

I looked around for banana to add. Oh nu… no banana. I open the fridge, i only have green apple. *breath in*


Diet Meal

The blue stick isn’t a knife. Its a spoon.

Just want to make it looked dramatic.

FyI: this is too much apple. I cube up the entire Granny Smith Green Apple.

Does it taste better? Slightly. I wanted the fruit to hopefully manage slime texture, because i can’t pour out or separate the slime.

How would i prefer to save it? Blend it with a soft fruit. Whatever soft fruit.

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