Restart Day 1: Craving is real!

I’m back to ipoh. Yeay!

What is famous in ipoh? FOOD!

Is vegetarian famous too? NOOOOO. LOL!

I have been thinking about holiday and food. Diet during holiday? That’s so nonsensical…..

Alas, i have to love myself and take care of myself more as well. Eating food that I’m not suppose to eat are consider self sabotagings my health.

* Reasoning to make me feel better. Does it make me feel better? Sometimes*

As home and food goes together hailing from Ipoh.

My day back to Ipoh i only had a cob of corn for breakfast.

Followed by kangkung veg for dinner with a spoon of rice. The favourite kangkung veg doesn’t cut it. I started going insane and tearing up a little. Where i felt stupid, why am i torturing myself? I asked myself, why am i tearing up over food???

I end up making my family very uncomfortable. I was emotional and childlike.

My love one caved in… took me out to find food and i end up having some meat and carb.

Noodles and snacks

After makan, do i feel guilty? Maybe. I am more concern of reaction like bloating, indigestion, acid reflux or gastritis

Do i feel happy? Definitely!!

My love said

“You know i will do anything for you, I don’t want to see you unhappy or sick. I will cave in and give you whatever you want, because i love you, giving you whatever you want and seeing you sick after taking this food. I feel helpless and it is very difficult for me”

What he said made stirred up mixed feeling and emotion. Mostly heartache, love and blessed.

In the discussion, I realize I don’t miss having meat. I miss the taste of home. I equate food to a feeling it brings.

These food that i ordered every time i return to Ipoh isn’t because they taste great. They use to be yummilicious, now they no longer taste good but i kept going back despite the 45-60 minutes wait.

This shows we have an interesting topic to address within ourselves. Why did we use food to feel a certain way?

What emotions we feel after eating food that we love?

Why do we need food to feel a certain way? Mostly joy?

Enjoying food isn’t wrong. Equate food as a feeling replacement isn’t healthy.

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