OH mY VeGe

I have been a trying vegetarian for sometime. Since maybe July 2017. My love for flavour and meat has not been shaken. Now is already December 2017 *I’m already bloated while typing this when i cave in to cravings*

My diet is of the same with both gut candida and cellular inflammation. To normalize my gut flora. It is best to cut out some food for 3 months.

Initially i thought. 3 months? Oh no problem! What is 3 months. Hey no, it really isn’t as simple as that yo!

Food to cut out is a long list. I simply decide to put this in 2 categories.

Refine Sugar
Animal product

Fermented soy
Artificial sweetener

I live in Asia and with one elderly mom. Like all asian family, asian dishes HAS Oil, salt and sugar. Most importantly rice! Like pods and peas, must go together with food in asian cooking else it is deem incomplete and unsatisfying.

* shakes head *

Supplements inclusive of young living Ning Xia wolfberries juice, probiotic, clove powder, tumeric powder, coconut oil capsule and olive leaf extract. They cost a lot on a monthly basis. Hence i can’t take the whole lot at one go on a monthly basis.

I have not been very diligent with my diet. Its very very tough. Temptation is very real. Craving is very real.

Oh and withdrawal symptom. Waw! I utter nonsensical sentences. Focus affected. Judgement affected. Consider as bad or worst than PMS for me.


What happens if i don’t follow the regime to get well? I bloat and swell. My stomach looked 5 months pregnant. My face and body swell up like water-soaked-bread. The food don’t get digested, causing gas, bad breath and days of bloating. Worst case scenario, Dr has to prescribes me medicine to control it.

Yes. Not very pleasant actually.

Marche, Pavillion.

Serve good food and good selection of what i can eat.

#healthyeating #foodsensitivities #MarchePavillion #vegetarian #yummyvegetarian #goodqualityproduce


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