OH mY VeGe

I have been a trying vegetarian for sometime. Since maybe July 2017. My love for flavour and meat has not been shaken. Now is already December 2017 *I’m already bloated while typing this when i cave in to cravings*

My diet is of the same with both gut candida and cellular inflammation. To normalize my gut flora. It is best to cut out some food for 3 months.

Initially i thought. 3 months? Oh no problem! What is 3 months. Hey no, it really isn’t as simple as that yo!

Food to cut out is a long list. I simply decide to put this in 2 categories.

Refine Sugar
Animal product

Fermented soy
Artificial sweetener

I live in Asia and with one elderly mom. Like all asian family, asian dishes HAS Oil, salt and sugar. Most importantly rice! Like pods and peas, must go together with food in asian cooking else it is deem incomplete and unsatisfying.

* shakes head *

Supplements inclusive of young living Ning Xia wolfberries juice, probiotic, clove powder, tumeric powder, coconut oil capsule and olive leaf extract. They cost a lot on a monthly basis. Hence i can’t take the whole lot at one go on a monthly basis.

I have not been very diligent with my diet. Its very very tough. Temptation is very real. Craving is very real.

Oh and withdrawal symptom. Waw! I utter nonsensical sentences. Focus affected. Judgement affected. Consider as bad or worst than PMS for me.


What happens if i don’t follow the regime to get well? I bloat and swell. My stomach looked 5 months pregnant. My face and body swell up like water-soaked-bread. The food don’t get digested, causing gas, bad breath and days of bloating. Worst case scenario, Dr has to prescribes me medicine to control it.

Yes. Not very pleasant actually.

Marche, Pavillion.

Serve good food and good selection of what i can eat.

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Rice Cooker Quinoa

Rice Cooker Quinoa is a game changer for me. To be able to find a food that taste similar to rice is so awesome. Only thing is, rice is soft and fluffy; Quinoa is fluffy and crunchy.

To be able to bring my Quinoa out to family’s Chinese dinner makes me really happy.

How i cook my Quinoa?

I use a normal 1 person size Faber 0.6 Litre rice cooker

1 person rice cooker

  1. Rinse my Quinoa on a mini sifter
  2. 1/2 cup Quinoa
  3. 1- 1.5 cup water

Serves 1 person

I’ve tried Quinoa with my banana avocado smoothie. Taste awesome! It gives my smoothie a light crunch.

Yummy Lunch

Now that I’ve tried sweet tasting quinoa meal. I’m thinking how to make savory tasting Quinoa.

My mother was having a bowl of fish ball noodle soup.

*ding ding!*

Why don’t i cook the quinoa with the soup. Since the soup taste good, i am sure it will make the quinoa taste good too.

So i replace 1 cup of water with 1/2 cup of soup and 1 cup of water. Tadha!


Awesome! It is so yummy and my mom agrees!

Next i tried and replace 1.5 cup of water with 1.5 cup of soup, maybe it will taste richer and yummier

Turns out…..

Yuck! It is has become so concentrated with salt. It is overly salty to a point that it is inedible. I end up throwing out my entire pot of fluffy Quinoa.

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Be Creative with Fresh Coconut

I went to a local roadside stall to get fresh coconut. RM 3 a pack. They scoop out the fresh meat n packed the fresh coconut water for you.

Its about 350-400ml of fresh coconut water. I blend the meat with a medium size avocado and 50ml coconut water.

The 300-350ml with 1 cup of chia seed soaked overnight.

These serves 3.

Chia Pudding

In this meal habits, it is important to have vitamins and minerals.

Avocado, coconut and chia seed has a good mix of vitamins and minerals.

I top it of with Linswoods’s pulverize power nuts and fruits.


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Overnight rolled oats with water

Often seek to find new recipes to try.


1. The preferred diet

2. New recipes that taste good.

When i eat out. I get asked ever so often. Why cannot take carbs? Why cannot take sugar?

Diabetes ah? Diet ah?

True that. It is a diet. Often dieting in Msia refers to losing weight. Any food regime and meal planning are a type of diet.

For me, it isn’t about losing weight. It is about eating for enjoyment and keeping myself alive. Undeniably, if i look slimmer and prettier in the process, i am happy.

One day a cousin recommends me to try overnight rolled oats with water. I’ve been making overnight rolled oats with my homemade raw almond milk recommended by various youtuber.


I kinda been having Organic rolled oats from Radiant for few months already. Never tried with plain water. The cost of plain water rolled oats definitely is going to be cheaper than almond milk. * I’m a sucker for cost saving options*

So i tried one day.

Verdict: No Like!

The oats still taste good. Chewing, nutty oats. But the water becomes slimy and tasteless. Eeeeee…..

I can’t eat it like this. It does not do justice to my god gave palate.

I looked around for banana to add. Oh nu… no banana. I open the fridge, i only have green apple. *breath in*


Diet Meal

The blue stick isn’t a knife. Its a spoon.

Just want to make it looked dramatic.

FyI: this is too much apple. I cube up the entire Granny Smith Green Apple.

Does it taste better? Slightly. I wanted the fruit to hopefully manage slime texture, because i can’t pour out or separate the slime.

How would i prefer to save it? Blend it with a soft fruit. Whatever soft fruit.

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Christmas Turkey Dinner VS Christmas Vege Dinner

We had a nice Christmas dinner at Whup Whup, Subang yesterday.

My menu is fully customised and my love decided to accompany me. I always feel shy and awkward as others have to make way, or have to accommodate me. I felt I made things seem a little more hassle to begin with.

My love says, if you are alone, maybe yes. When is more than one then is not awkward anymore? Lol!

He never fail to make my day more awesome mentally and emotionally.

The Turkey looks really awesome! No turkey pix coz i can’t eat it. I refuse to snap pix of it. Coz it looks really juicy and succulent and i can’t have it.

The grill veg is nice. The pumpkin mash has butter is nice, i took very little to try. The turkey stuffing made up of spice and nuts i think, it is very aromatic, flavor a little blend for me and it is nutty.

Ok. Back to my main. It isn’t Christmas Turkey but Christmas Saladddddd! Waw! How Awesome it Sounds! *can you hear my sarcasm?* lol

My menu is customised salad and customised dessert. Thanks to my love for arranging it. He made a lot of effort to have the dinner enjoyable for me. I heart him!

I have no idea how it is until they serve us. At this point of my diet, my concern is whether it be filling enough and how would it taste?

This is customised salad to my diet. If you want to know what’s my diet again? Link Here (Diet List)

No sugar and oil!

This is The Salad. Base on experience, salad like this wouldn’t be filling and I’m already sulking. Plus point is i love these mushrooms.

My love added ” Is this ok? If it isn’t filling, you want more, let me know”. My response is often very standard “ok, it’s find”

I pick up my fork and try the sauce first! Dip slowly and taste it. Hmmm Yummmm!!!! Ok. Thumbs up! Ding Ding! *smiling already*

I poke poke the mushroom with my fork and let’s begin with the mushroom without the sauce. First bite! Yum! Juicy! Oooo…. *Grinz* surprised!

I took the sauce and pour everything in and start munching. I’m already happier at this point because they tasted really good. 10 times better than expected.

60% through to the salad, i realize I began to feel full. I think the walnut made it fuller. The chef and lady boss thinks, the mushroom made it more filling. It could be both!

Either way. I’m surprised and happy!

Then my love asked, you want dessert now?

My eyes widen. There is dessert? For me? No sugar? He answered “yes!”

I responded with er “okay!”

Then my dessert arrived!

I looked at it and asked again “No sugar?” He responded yes!

Sugarless yum dessert!

I taste it and it tasted really yummy!! Its a sugarless and it tasted sweet. Yum. I don’t know how they did it but yummm…..

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Restart Day 1: Craving is real!

I’m back to ipoh. Yeay!

What is famous in ipoh? FOOD!

Is vegetarian famous too? NOOOOO. LOL!

I have been thinking about holiday and food. Diet during holiday? That’s so nonsensical…..

Alas, i have to love myself and take care of myself more as well. Eating food that I’m not suppose to eat are consider self sabotagings my health.

* Reasoning to make me feel better. Does it make me feel better? Sometimes*

As home and food goes together hailing from Ipoh.

My day back to Ipoh i only had a cob of corn for breakfast.

Followed by kangkung veg for dinner with a spoon of rice. The favourite kangkung veg doesn’t cut it. I started going insane and tearing up a little. Where i felt stupid, why am i torturing myself? I asked myself, why am i tearing up over food???

I end up making my family very uncomfortable. I was emotional and childlike.

My love one caved in… took me out to find food and i end up having some meat and carb.

Noodles and snacks

After makan, do i feel guilty? Maybe. I am more concern of reaction like bloating, indigestion, acid reflux or gastritis

Do i feel happy? Definitely!!

My love said

“You know i will do anything for you, I don’t want to see you unhappy or sick. I will cave in and give you whatever you want, because i love you, giving you whatever you want and seeing you sick after taking this food. I feel helpless and it is very difficult for me”

What he said made stirred up mixed feeling and emotion. Mostly heartache, love and blessed.

In the discussion, I realize I don’t miss having meat. I miss the taste of home. I equate food to a feeling it brings.

These food that i ordered every time i return to Ipoh isn’t because they taste great. They use to be yummilicious, now they no longer taste good but i kept going back despite the 45-60 minutes wait.

This shows we have an interesting topic to address within ourselves. Why did we use food to feel a certain way?

What emotions we feel after eating food that we love?

Why do we need food to feel a certain way? Mostly joy?

Enjoying food isn’t wrong. Equate food as a feeling replacement isn’t healthy.

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